It’s not a vodka , It’s not a gin , It’s Konyagi Konyagi is smooth at strength of 35 percent. Konyagi can be enjoyed straight with a twist of lime or on the rocks. Konyagi is among the few leading alcohol brands that is unique that can be mixed in many ways. Enjoy Konyagi with straight with lime, cranberry Juice, orange Juice, Sprite or straight with ice. Konyagi is speciality clear liquor from Tanzania It’s the most popular brand and liquor in Africa

YOU CAN NOW BUY KONYAGI AND TANZANIAN BEERS ONLINE AT  http://www.buytanzaniabeer.webs.com 

Shipping worldwide with Safe purchase.

  1. […] too! Dinner was good too.  Afterwards we sat  on our rooftop deck and tried the local booze, Konyagi.  It is a  white liquor, like gin, and is sold in plastic […]

  2. […] at our house.  We had all the necessary equipment for a proper birthday party, such as beer, Konyagi, lots of cups, and ping pong balls.  As a special surprise, Mr. Marcel made me a fancy outfit for […]

  3. […] want to make your own Tito Juice at home, you’ll need: a watermelon, a pineapple, lime juice, Konyagi, and a blender.  After the juice was made, I got to taste it and boy was it yummy!  I’m […]

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